Animal slaughter for world Cup 2010 Right or Wrong

world cup cow slaughter A idea to bless South Africa’s World Cup stadiums by slaughtering a cow in each one has caused huge concern among animal rights.

In less than in eight months, one of the biggest sporting events in all of sports, the World Cup, will open in South Africa and the Makhonya Royal Trust, which put forward the idea, described the cattle killing ritual as a “true African” way of blessing the 2010 tournament!

“We must have a cultural ceremony of some sort, where we are going to slaughter a beast. We sacrifice the cow for this great achievement and we call on our ancestors to bless, to grace, to ensure that all goes well. It’s all about calling for the divinity to prevail for a fantastic atmosphere,” said Mkiva quoted to a Reuters news agency.

Mr Shiceka, the co-operative governance and traditional affairs minister, was quoted in South African media as giving his support to the plan.

Do you really think this is right?

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  • Lynette

    I cannot believe that 38% of people actually support this barbarism. But I can imagine that they are African traditionalists who are still living in the dark ages. These people want to cling on to their primitive old third world traditions but still enjoy all the advantages and privileges the first world offers. It’s so ridiculous! Let them cling on to their traditions if they must, but why must cruelty always be involved?

  • Shaka

    You hypocrite… Your first world countries have been arming and supporting military rebellions and wars in the world. They have been exploiting Africa's minerals and resources, condemning it's people death by war, famine and disease you have the medication for but don't want to give out because of you're greed of money. You're governments help kill thousands of people a day, now 9 cows are going to be slaughtered you're up in arms….

    • john649

      you are right, many first world country govt and businesses do these things and the people rise up in protest because the people DO NOT LIKE IT! just like we DO NOT LIKE how animals are being slaughtered for no good reason. You must stand up against ALL barbaric actions whether they are wars, business greed or senseless animal slaughter. Do you support the actions of the corrupt african govts that slaughter and rape women and children or do you rise up and protest like we are when something is u just?

  • Raylean

    why stop there! surely they are other things we can do to celebrate our africaness….we should have a traditional african costume party for the world cup… they should have incorporated that idea.

  • Animal sacrifice is a nonsense act, against the humanity……….say NO to this illegal practice.

  • rooferjess

    I now understand why the Afican poeple historic bad luck. It's called bad karma. Just like the dog fighting and the black way of life defense. Then they cry "why is I in jail". Black American are always crying that racist stuff. Maybe it is BAD KARMA. Think about it next time you are suckling your figer tips

    • Margaret Sweeny

      Animal sacrifice belongs in the dark ages,the whole idea is nonsense and it must stop.

  • john kegler

    its a stupid tradition

  • jason

    If i think a religious belief or cultural practice is silly or juvenile, I try to be tolerant and not judge. But when a religious belief or cultural practice is harmful towards women, children, animals….. then i have no tolerance for it. I can understand the reasons they may do it, but there is no excuse.

  • Diana

    The World Cup is not an African tradition. Why do barbaric people always have to hurt or kill an animal. Stop this backward behavior and evolve. Stop involving innocent animals in people's activities.

  • emily

    this is wrong. the world cup has been played and won in other countries quite successfully- with no need to kill innocent animals.

  • Digby

    Why not slaughter a person instead you ignorant barbarians.

  • JoAnne

    Nations that have these barbaric traditons can not help for this. It is in their DNA; their genes; their blood. In a million years they will never become civilized!

  • Digby

    Dear Shaka
    You have the audacity to use the phrase “Your greed for money”, which incidentally you can’t even spell correctly. Just take a look at your precious government – there doesn’t appear to be one honest, upstanding individual in office. Corruption and a general disregard for the plight of their comrades is commonplace. By all means sacrifice, but let it be criminals, murderers, rapists, muti-killers and retards.

  • Anonymous

    | |(o o)| |

  • DPJ Doble

    Enter text right here!Those who carry out or condone this barbaric cruel practice are psychopathic yobs. They desrerve to shot!

  • dan

    I think that as human beings we should understand that we must have the most profound respect for our planet. Our earth belongs to all beings (including cows). There are so many wrongs on this earth being caused by greed, money, dis-respect and ignorance. How can a person hit, rape or kill another person? How can an insurance company bleed pensioners of their lifetime savings? How can our goverments sell arms to other countries then condemn war? How can a human being think he's got the right to sacrifice an animal's life? How can we let big companies raise chickens on a conveyor belt and in cages where they don't get the room to grow feathers? (We buy the eggs and chicken nuggets!) There are so many of these things going on and nobody seems to care. I live in the south of France and have to put up with the sickening slaughtering of bulls they call Corrida. The locals will tell you that its an honour for a bull to be killed this way!! Who asked the bull what he thought? I'm having great difficulty finding out whether the plans for the ritualistic bull killing in South Africa will go ahead or not but as a life-long football fan It's really a disturbing situation. I think that as our governing bodies will not have the "balls" to stand up to this barbarism and so it's up to the people to set the standards. Respect the earth, respect each other, respect animals, respect nature. I am boycotting the world cup if this goes ahead! I really respect african culture and think that they owe nothing to the other continents but nobody can play god in condamming another being to death.

  • lady Audrey

    well for all those who do not want this slaughter thing to happen you should think about joining the petition on Facebook….no need to talk a lot, take action instead. we need to stop this. it aint african, it aint asian, European, Americia…it is stupid!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jane

    I hope you're all vegans up there. Y'all realize they're going to eat the cow, right?

  • Daniel

    Eif you are to kill an animal as horrible and disturbing as it is, it is to some extent the way of life, but to kill an animal for a 'ritual'it is just purely barbaric. In death do animals not feel pain? do they not feel fear?do they not feel the constant yearn to keep on living? If you support this slaughter ask youselfs this question and only then may you realise who the true animals are!

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