Australia’s Women Soccer Team in brawl with China

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In the Women’s Under-19 Championship witnessed horrid scenes in China last night, where the Australia team were attacked with bottles by a highly charged crowd following a brawl at the end of China’s match the Young Matildas

China won the Group B encounter 2–1, however, following the final whistle, an Australia player fell to the ground while remonstrating with the Chinese, prompting the captain, Tameka Butt, to charge across the pitch and grab the perceived offender. That sparked a mass brawl as both sets of players and backroom staff charged on to the pitch, with punches thrown.

Nobody was seriously injured but the Australia coach, Alen Stajcic, was furious with what happened. “We’ve prepared for 12 months, to have an embarrassing sporting event take place like that in China. That’s not sport,” he said.

“Sport is played by two equal teams battling for sporting supremacy, not that kind of behaviour. On the field, off the field, it’s not good enough. I’d be embarrassed if I were the host of this event after that game. You all saw what happened out there, it’s embarrassing.”

Chinese coach Gao Rongming said: ‘‘I think some of the players may not be calm enough because they are very young. This was a very tough game and also very heated game, but players can always learn something, and today they have also experienced a lot of things both on and off the pitch. I think this is a very good lesson for them.’’

Spotted on the  guardian  and seen on Newyorktimes

Pictures and more here from the offside

New video footage below!

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  • This news is not true, you guys can't listen to the news here in Australia, you should be in China to see the whole course. The game was already over when China won Australia 2-1, when the team were shaking hands to show their friendliness each other, one of the short girl in Australian team went up to punch suddenly and heavily to the Chinese goal, the girl was immediately fell to the ground and hurt. Then the whole Chinese team went up to try to talk to the Australian team, then they had some body confliction, which is normally happen here as Footy. The coach talking on conference saying it's Chinese team fault, which is a big nonsense. Their team member can't accept the fact of losing the game and found a chance to attack Chinese team member first, that's the TRUTH. Everyone think in China the news are biased, but it's totally biased here in Australia, the media are terrible here about China and Chinese people. Actually if you go to China and meet Chinese people, you will find they are very nice and friendly people, SEEING IS BELIEVING. Don't believe the news here about China anymore.

    • you want to read the other stories then its all over the net same story

      • sam

        Never believe reporters untill you see it by youself.

        • its all over google click on the links newyorktimes above doh!

    • enraged

      Yeah, go to China and listen to the government-controlled and -censored media, and then you'll get the truth. Brain-washed, wolf-milk-fed idiot!

      • You are idiot!! You dont' think you are brain washed? Look, how British invaded so many land in the world and made them so called common wealth, and they invaded China in Opium War and lots of other wars, you just need to learn history lessons. If we got wolf-milk-fed, then your milk is from a wolf that's covered with sheep skin. Besides I am talking about sports news, not political news.

  • Moz

    Will we be able to see the footage, or is that banned in China too? Chinese football players have a bad reputation already, so I favour the Australian’s side due to presidence. Show us the video, and let us decide for ourselves. Otherwise China’s poor rep will bring down China again.

    • Tony(China)

      Australian football players have a bad reputation today. They lost not only the whole game but also faces of Australian People. They are pretty rude and aggressive there.

  • Denver Polarbear

    This is a report from Guardian. It seems to me that Aussies are just sour losers. What do you expect when you punch the hosting countries team.

  • Raymond

    Come on don't bring NRLor AFL to a Soccer match.
    Aussie women are big!

  • mliu

    The world does not hate chinese? give me a break. I heard many many foreigners(americans, austrilians) said f**k china.

    Surem you live in HK, nobody dare to say f**k china to a chinese in HK.

    • Hongkong?? haha…HongKong always belong to China, only robbed by British for 200 years, and Hongkong returned to China since 1997. IF you have history knowledge.

    • f**k China?? First you are very rude person, Second you should learn to f**k yourself very well before you f**k others. By the way, if you had history lesson or got a real history lesson, Hongkong always belong to China land historically, but British forced China to sign an unfair treaty for 100 years after Opium War (British forcedChina to buy their opium), so Hongkong just returned to China in 1997!!! So f**k yourself.

  • Susan

    OK, stop being ridiculous & twisting this into a political or racial issue.
    Until People's Daily or Xinhua (official press in China) even bother to report on this embarassing (embarassing for both sides & for sportsmanship) incident, DON"T hypocritically abuse "Australian Press"..
    I live in HK & I'm getting really really sick of Chinese National Paranoia. The world doesn't hate you, the world isn't trying to hold you down. Stop twisting everything as being anti-Chinese!!

    The article ISN"T CRITISING CHINA — so stop being so bl**dy paranoid & trying to mix bad sportsmanship with politics/ racism. (btw, the WUHAN crowd were absolutely wrong to throw water bottles, but this has happened in the UK and it's criticized just as strongly . It deserves to be criticized wherever in the world it happens).

    • some chinese dude

      well said.

  • soccerforever

    Australia is still a new comer in Soccer, and they need to learn more about it, include how to accept your failure as a fact some time, anyway, punching your opponent is not the right way.

  • News from AFC website
    China, Australia fined
    Thursday, 06 August 2009 08:25
    KUALA LUMPUR: The AFC Disciplinary Committee has made the following decisions regarding incidents reported during the AFC U-19 Women’s Championship 2009 match between China and Australia in Wuhan on August 3, 2009.
    1. Jessica Seaman

    Seaman has been suspended for four matches and ordered to pay a fine of US$3,000. She was found guilty of violating the AFC disciplinary code.

    Seaman was sent off by the referee for violent conduct during the match, which finished 2-1 to China.

  • 2. China team and China Football Association

    The China women’s U-19 team has been fined US$2,000 for involvement in a scuffle at the end of the match.

    The China FA has been fined US$3,000 for failing to control spectators.
    3. Australia team

    The Australian U-19 women’s team were fined a total of US$4,000 for violating the AFC Disciplinary Code.

    The Australian team were found guilty of initiating a scuffle at the end of the match and also of throwing bottles at the spectators. The team head coach was also found guilty of misbehaviour during the post-match press conference.

    The Australian and Chinese teams, and the CFA, have been given stern warnings to ensure that these offences are not repeated in future matches.

  • girl fight ! haha madness

  • Gary

    I just HAD to post my reply after reading on here but saying that HK always belonged to China when China wasnt a complete identity is fictitious, it’s been in the lives of a lot of people that is has only come together as one united country and for a long course of its long history it’s internal war lords from different regions fought horrificly with each other – so to the history buff who is obviously Chinese, um go learn some history – dont crap on about subegation when you wont let tibetans exerecise their rights as a different race or insist that Taiwan is a part of China when they dont want to be and that the Hong Kong Chinese would actually have rathered to continued to have been British Chinese – so dont crap on – and dont defend action on field that is inglorious to ANY one..Australians included who take place in it – the Chinese are just as much at fault – or dont you have and sense of fairness?

  • MR.X

    Gary you are right. I'm living in China and I know the difference between China,Hk, tawian, all different system, even though they belong to China but they are not happy to belong to this country, Hong kong returend to China because of the pressure from the Chinese communist party, and the taiwanese they don't call themselves Chinese, they call themselves taiwanese, they never like China or want to return to it, many Chinese in China are hoping to leave the country because of the low salaries and no freedom and no human rights, if China is a good country we can't see many chinese immigrating..
    I'm making good money here otherwise I won't stay at all… brain washed government, the Chinese themselves hate their government, so who ever want to defend China, he/she knows their country better than me

  • see more

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