Bad Boy Footballers Named and Shamed

With the pressure to perform on the pitch each week and the fact that they have to carry their HUGE wallets about with them everywhere they go, can you blame the professional footballers for wanting to blow off a little steam?

Oh wait, it’s not them who’s blowing…

Here is our top list of named and shamed footballers.

Wayne Rooney

Well the having the physique of a bull on steroids didn’t help Wayne recently, failing to be able to handle the weight of expectation on his shoulders and instead opting to shoot his load off the pitch.

It seems that he has an addiction to spending cash on women but this time around it’s not his wife, preferring to slip the money onto a bedside table in a brothel.

Peter Crouch

Good old Peter, doesn’t know when he is on a good thing it seems after showing the world that although he looks like a bean pole and could be one of the biggest contenders for Ugly Player of the Year, that you can land yourself a hot girlfriend in Abby Clancy.

Shame that the lanky male doesn’t seem to have a brain in his head and he thinks that the infamous saying “What goes on on tour, stays on tour” is true, finding out that really the moment that you forget something that means anything to a member of the party and your news hits the front page.

Peter come on, why pay £800 to Maria Mint when you have a girlfriend like Abby at home?


Once referred to as one of the best footballers in the world, Ronaldo was sure to capture the headlines when he thought that having a threesome with three transvestite prostitutes was a great idea.

Although we are struggling to see one argument that might back up his actions we are failing and come on, lets face it, that’s just plain sick!

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ah the tricky winger, the name that rolls of the tongue of many Madrid fans and more recently of a waitress in a small restaurant after the pair had a night of passion that let the waitress pregnant.

Don’t worry though fans, CR07 did what was right by the girl…. Offering her £10m for her silence…

Erm… not too sure what Cristiano sees as good parenting skills but I think that I missed that part.

Avram Grant

The former Chelsea manager was revealed to have been seen in a Thai brothel, spending money like it was hot!

Mind you, with looks like an old leather sofa… Can you blame the guy for trying?

Freddy Shepherd and Douglas Hall

Not players but very much within the public eye within the Premier League this season so thought that they should get a mention in this list.

It seems that sitting on the board of a football club means that you can act in the same way as the players, spending money on fast cars and women.

Shepherd and Hall were caught heading into a Spanish brothel during a trip to the country and were overheard calling women from their native country ‘dogs’.

Well boys, the only reason that you got a bone is because your easy spending…

French National Side

Well they do say that boys will be boys but the person who created that saying will not have thought that it would be used to describe a national football side of players who thought that spending money on women needed an extra buzz and spent it on underage girls instead.

Okay so the guys didn’t know that they were underage but hey, you created the mess, you sit in it!

John Terry

The former England captain seems to have taken the offer of what’s mine is yours from team mate Wayne Bridge a little too seriously, borrowing more than a cup of sugar and Pro Evolution Soccer.

Terry, who is married, decided that while Bridge was out of the frame after a lovers tiff with his girlfriend, that he would lend a hand and keep Wayne’s side of the bed warm.

Wow, can you imagine how grateful Wayne must have been when he found out?

Oh wait….

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