Polski David Beckham Top long range Goals

April 1, 2009

kszo-ostrowiec-beckham Did this fella mean it? what a goal this was the polish david beckham he is now called.KSZO Ostrowiec known in the polish league so thought we had to share this with the readers and give polish football some love.When you watch it again it really is a brillant freekick brings back the old beckham days when goldenballs scored. See both videos below see what you think?here is the top 3 we found

And now here is our top 3 plus becks


Best and Worst Football Boots

April 1, 2009


best-and-worst-football-boots We thought this would be a interesting post for all footy fans and players.Now the hard question is what would be your favorite football boots and worst you have had?We know there are so many models and wacky designs out there but what boot really did it for you on the pitch?Back in the days of the great adidas world cup boots to classic lotto,then came the puma king,Predator ,Nikes and many more.Even if your interested in betting on soccer, try betting on the person with the best boots.Remeber when defoe changed his boots at half time he then went on to score 5 goals in a 9–1 thrashing of wigan .What with fashion coming into the game we had all colours and design to make us hit the ball better, choice became not a easy shop as did the price!

Money started doing the taking so did custom designs and natrually we all like to copy the real stars!So who got your vote?was it the design?look?or comfortable feel?  We all know at the end of the day its not the boot its the foot inside them that does the taking on the field.

Here are some designs from Nike and  Adidas as the two show the marketing power and later models but please comment on other models and feel free to tip your best boot to buy.Dont Forget if you watch football online try the freeview we recommend works a dream best free streams

Nike v Adidas the market leaders

Buy the best !


Alan Shearer New Newcastle manager

April 1, 2009

alanshearer-legend He is back the legend returns Shearer is to take over as Newcastle United manager for the remaining eight games of the season as the club battle to avoid Premier League relegation.Alan shearer is a huge hit with the fans and this must be music to there ears as the legend returns. Newcastle, who have 29 points from 30 matches, host third-placed Chelsea in the Premier League on Saturday with eight games of the season left.Big question is can he do what he did on the pitch from the touchline we will see

 Off the pitch, Shearer has been deemed bland and boring. His deadbat television technique and taciturn PR skills are largely responsible for this tag. One magazine described him as having “all the personality of a suet pudding” while 2 infamous Newcastle directors, labelled him ‘Mary Poppins’. Former Blackburn team-mate Tim Flowers too has dubbed him ‘Mr Mogadon’ while another has commented that he kept Shearer’s season diary next to his bedside as it put him to sleep. Shearer was once challenged by team-mates to incorporate the title of an Abba song into an interview. So he answered a question with: “Yes, but the winner takes it all.” Is a now famous comment

 Mark Lawrenson who worked with Shearer at Newcastle says, “That’s Shearer. Put a microphone under his chin and a camera in front of him and he switches off. But I can tell you now that he has got one of the most outstanding personalities in football.”

Shearer  who hit  206 goals in 404 appearances during a 10-year playing stint at Newcastle to earn legendary status on Tyneside after joining for a record £15m fee from Blackburn. see his best video moments here and we  was right about him being a manager soon

The BBC:

“I’m definitely only here for eight weeks and that’s all I’m concentrating on.

“I enjoyed doing what I was doing with the BBC and I’m looking forward to doing it again next season.

“I know what I’m doing next season. I’m here (Newcastle) for eight games only.”

But that doesn’t mean he isn’t at least looking for the offer to return on a permanent basis:

“My aim is to be offered the job at the end of the season because if I am that means I would have kept Newcastle in the Premier League.”

We have a feeling he will sign a new contract for next season if they stay up there fans love him as much as mighty kev



Alessandra Pinho Babe of the Month

April 1, 2009

alessandra-pinho-sexy Alessandra Pinho remember the name our Babe for April the new wag on the block but what a beauty from brazil phoar!
Name: Alessandra Pinho
Date of birth: 19/02/89
Place of birth: Montenegro, 50 km away from Porto Alegre.This little hottie won  the Musa do Brasileiro competition whittled down
thousands of ridiculously good looking girls to a
final twenty, each of whom now represent a
different team in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A.

This little beauty is now the face of Internacional
and wow what a hottie.Look out for her guys she is one stunner see her work it below




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