Football Avatars: Mick McCarthy is a Muppet (Sam the Eagle)

Good old Mick McCarthy gets our avatar status this week as he is doing a fine job at wolves, Mick was a happy man after seeing his side get a well-deserved 3-1 victory at West Ham to inch further clear of the relegation places.

So Mick we have put you right up there with the all mighty Sam the eagle from the muppets.Sam often railed against the ‘low brow’ entertainment he claimed  on the muppets show, and often tried to bring ‘dignity and class’ to the performances just like mick McCarthy has to wolves 🙂

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  • Yuki

    No way, Raymond Domenech is a spot on Sam the Eagle

  • I hate thick Mick

    Enter text right here!ha ha muppet mick! What a wanker

  • Sewolf

    Mick McCarthy lol

  • Titter


  • Mick

    O give over you ungrateful lot….I have struggled to get this team where it is, and you lot call me 'Muppet Mick.' I'm going to leave soon and manage either Barcelona, or Man Utd…

  • CordonWuss

    Shut up Mick you couldn't manage a piss up in a brewery. I once loved you, I even had a pin up of you on my bedroom celing, not now, oh no. It is is over Mick, over I tell you.

  • Bigoll.

    Oh Cordo, don't go hard on mick just because he's a Muppet. it isn't his fault he's a bit thick and cannot see the woods for the trees. I once loved Mick too, he is such a dish, a real beefcake a dreamboat, but alias, like all lovers we had to part our ways. I unsure of myself these days, what should I do? my beloved wolves are going down, and now i'm talking about running off and finding another. Forgive me Mick. I am at your call, I will not desert you like all the others, I will stand by you, I am your man. xxx

  • CordonWuss

    can it bogroll!

    You're not fooling me with your crocodille tears! i can see through you! You're just using your love for mick has an excuse because you feel sorry for him! You never loved him like me, you never went to sleep at night crying anf biting your pillow! You never gazed into his deep dark eyes and felt true love? And what did I get for my efforts? Nothing! Don't tell me bogroll about love, you are a fool. He used me like all the others, promises and lies. They is no honest in mick. He once delcared he was "The most honest man in football" well tell me this bogroll, how can that be if he had been seeing you all along?

  • Inter_mi_Nan

    My gosh you yam yam's are even stranger than I first thought!

  • UK Yankie

    So once the dust settles the mice come out to play! And here is little old me thinking Mick was mine, and mine alone all this time. Well I'm not hanging around, I will be off to find another who is true to his word! Mick, if you're reading this you're welocme to Bogroll and Cordonwuss! I'm goign to find myself a real prince! I wonder what Harry is up to….ermmmmmmmmmmmmmm he's still free.

  • Sir Alex.

    I didn't know Mick was a mincer? Saying that, he was always han
    ging around the mens' changing rooms at Old Trafford.

  • Steve Bruce

    Apparently he did the same thing here according to the players…………….

  • PertonWolf

    Oh if only I had known….. I would have come out the closet years ago.

  • CovWolf82

    You did come out the closet years ago Perty Poo's. Don't you remember me at half time in the bogs on the South bank? Short memory, a short fella too i might had!

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