Football GIFs: Avram Grant’s Impression of a Tactical Baboon

January 5, 2011 | Filed Under: Blog, Fun Box 
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This one is a classic and one of my favourites as Avram Grant tries to work his magic with some baboon impressions.

Tactics? ermm OK

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    • gpuikqga


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    • Oguzkaan

      Such a strong man mainkg comments on the interwebs Guarantee if you met her in a bar she’d charm the skinny jeans off your panty waist and probably kick your ass too. Get a life d-bag.

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    • Deniz

      do u people still belvie JM’s football is beautiful or polished , i pity ur tastes , u r those people who r sitting in their beds watching test cricket and comenting oh wat a fine touch , look at it race towards the boundary’ encore!Unfortunately pals football is not cricket and u guys r watching the wrong sport , football’s essence is end-to-end entertainment , even if JM wins a thousand trophies it will never justify his tactics , if Manure can play sexy football and win the title then why cant we???? Barca can tantalize people with their accurate crosses , the beautiful lobs , the excellent set-ups , win 2 titles in a row and even after all the internal bickering can end up losing the title by a whisker!!!! what allows them this privelage???? Money???? we r not spending any lessPlayers??? .r our players in any way lower than theirs???Ability???? .do we lack any of it????then why r the fans being irritated with this machine like football, as a FAN who has grown up watching Zola , i cld hav never imagined that CFC wld be playing this shit!!!!!!The only difference btw us and the other clubs is the management , the coach , the manager in our case Mr.Know-it-all Arrogance personfied Mourinho decides that we play this garbage , we endlesly pass in our defence , come one step forward and 2 steps back , and finally wen our opponents r all bored off their socks , sneak in a goal , defend like a team in rags for the last 20 minutes and L0 CFC hav done it , its another record , they havent lost at home or they hav not conceded a goal!!!!A mazing , JM knows everything , he has won us 2 titles , lets celebrate , who cares if we kill football , who cares if we bore the hell outta our own ppl , who cares if we play like shit , we still win!!!!!U kno wat guys this mentality sux , and win as much as we might , the respect and awe Manure or Barca produce are pure delight for their fans , but wat to say more than half of u hav no respect for the sport , no respect for football, but i agree JM is good in boring his shit to the tilte!!!!! 21

  • puaqut


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