Goalkeeper Charles Itandje laughing Hillsborough service

charles-itanje Of  all the things a person could do to  disrespect towards  liverpool football club and  the Hillsborough memorial service at Anfield on Wednesday was on show here!.Charles Itandje playing around in the crowd as lookers watch on!The French goalkeeper was spotted laughing and acting the fool by TV cameras at the service to mark the 20th anniversary of the deaths of 96 .(scroll down to  see   Steven Cohen  views who Blames Liverpool Fans For Hillsborough Disaster!)

Anfield officials have described Itandje’s behaviour as “wholly unacceptable” and are exploring the maximum punishment they can impose on the player with their legal advisers. He is unlikely to play for the club again.Itandje joined Liverpool on a free transfer in the summer of 2007. The former Lens player has only featured in seven first-team games since then with his last appearance coming in last season’s FA Cup defeat by Barnsley.

With numerous complaints about Itandje’s behaviour reaching the club in the past few days, the news this Saturday is that a furious Rafa Benitez is said to want Itandje to be handed the maximum punishment available.All liverpool supporters will be off the roof seeing this its just the worst thing someone could do, get rid is the action and he will now go for sure.Please leave your views on this in the comments section below.

Update today 18th april  (video below)

“Charles Itandje has now been officially suspended for 14 days by the club while we investigate his conduct during the Hillsborough Memorial Service,” confirmed a club spokesman.

More Guardian Newspaper  Telegraph

Liverpool are set to fine the Frenchman before forcing him out the club in the summer

2oth april 2009

Things have heated up even more as  Steven Cohen Blames Liverpool Fans For Hillsborough Disaster!.

Steven Cohen, co-host of the World Soccer Daily radio show, has been at it again

“People showing up without ticket, hell bent in getting into somewhere where they shouldn’t be going because they don’t have tickets, is the root cause of [the Hillsborough Disaster].”

“I’m yet to read anybody write in this weekend’s Sunday papers in England, where they’re all doing big commemorations about the 96, and why we should never forget and how it’s changed the game, nobody discusses the 6-8,000 who showed up without tickets and my argument has always been, if those people don’t show up, this never happens.”

“[Hillsborough] is a stadium that week-in week-out, Sheffield Wednesday used without incident.”

   read more here

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  • how could he do sucha thing! im a fan of the reds and he has to go! anyone agree?

    • stan

      i think he is just being made a scapegoat and the club want to use that to offload him in the summer…

  • momo

    no, i don't agree, dead people are not like some one who is still alive, he can move but this is clear its the media who makes the propoganda, plus he is still our player, he should enjoy every moment.

    • enjoy every moment ? yea with respect which in this case there is none

      • pissedoffred

        are you real? come on lad get a grip, do you have any dead friends or relitives? shall we all have a laugh at their expense?

  • lovestospoogeno1

    its funny the fans are the ones who are pointing this out when it was the fans that . .. . . .

    • its all about repect any fan would feel same way

  • boredofidiotslikehim

    sack him. easy decision
    lack of respect, childish behaviour and french..
    simple decision

    • Amanda

      Write your comment here… I was wondering when the race issue would raise it's ugly head.

  • it was tottally un called for even if any liverpool player did the same thing ..the same would still apply…

  • Andrea

    Write your comment here…It was ignorant in the extreme. How intelligent is this man? Did he properly understand where he was and what he was doing? I cannot believe that anyone who fully understood the horrors of Hillsborough would do such a thing. He has to go – he has completely lost the respect of those involved with the club.

  • adam

    would you sack Gerrard or Torres if they did the same??.. i didnt think so

  • John

    that is stupid if you sack him for that, i bet you if torres or someone else who is good at the club did that, they would neva think of getting rid of him

  • it will be interesting to see what happens i dont think he will play again

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  • alan

    Write your comment here…While Tandjes behaviour was unaceptable and he should be sacked lets talk about liverpools respect of the dead by wearing black duct tape on thier arms instead of proper black arms bands , Liverpool are not the only team to do this too . What do they do just send someone down to the local carpet shop and buy some duct tape …..soryy but its shocking they can not buy prope arm bands

  • tony

    Write your comment here…would you want him sack if this was gerrad oh please get a grip fans .

    • alan

      Write your comment here…gerrad would not and did not do it , he has to much respect ……..he must go , anyway he is also talentless…….why is it the only people to disagree in sacking him is liverpool fans , who is showing respect now ………

      • tony

        Write your comment here…alan i am not a liverpool fan far from it i suport tottenham.you saying he is talentless makes it alright then does it to get rid of him.just feel if it was a first team member who had done thiswewould not be having this discussion. get in the real world liverpool fans

  • Thib

    i'm french and i'm absolutely shocked by the behavour of my compatriot. Moreover in a football club like liverpool, one of the most beautiful club, with history, traditions, probably the best supporters of the world… Now he have to stop playing with liverpool, respected liverpool fans. I'm sorry for my english but i want just to show you that the behaviour of Itandge offend in each country of the Channel.

  • Cooljools

    for god's sake, get a grip! It certainly wasn't the smartest thing in the world he could have done, and it shows a degree of immaturity and lack of understanding of the situation. But this is turning into a witch hunt! All that was needed was for him to be taken aside by Rafa, have a clip round the ear and get the press department to issue an apology! Calls for him to be sacked or sold are way out of proportion! Would you like to have your career wrecked and be publically disowned by half of merseyside if you did something stupid at work? Typical scouse blind hypocrisy! How much respect did liverpool fans pay at heysel and athens when they went on the rampage?

  • Adrian Lingard

    He is in the public eye, and should set an example to others. It may have been immature of him but his behaviour is totaly unacceptable. How can he ever be forgiven? He should be made to watch all of the footage from the day and then see if he thinks his actions were justified. I do not see how he can still be a Liverpool player after this..

  • Kristjan

    He didn't brake a law.

  • lfc4me

    he didnt even seen to be laughing. blown out of proportion completely, and im a liverpool fan

  • Write your comment here…I a not a football supporter. I am a 58year old grandma reading the news on computer, saw the footage. I feel he showed little to no compassion for the victims of the disaster. Maybe he should have stayed away! sacking him seems very harsh for his foolish and unsencative behaviour.

  • rogue danny

    This is showing a lack of respect for the club sure, on the other a good thing for Itandje cuz he can go now and play for a club that will give him playing time,one can read his state o mind behind these actions, he wants ut.Rafa would never give him the opportunity as long as he is Manager

  • Imagine if he did play again he would be booed all game and lucky the net would be there god knows what the crowd would throw at him!

  • Gary

    get a f***** grip!!

  • Gary

    Appologies for the bad language

  • Elliott

    This is the most horrific incidence in football history and you guys are saying that Itandje should be let off the hook? Where is the respect? If you truly support Liverpool than you will know that Hillsborough deserves respect no matter who it was messing around, and for the fact that it was Itandje I am disgusted because he is the shittest goalkeeper ever to wear the Liverpool logo.

    Get rid of him because he has no respect to the dead and because he is shit

  • Tom Nolan

    the useless twat laughing here is a bit stupid.I for one think that the murdering scum caused it.thousands of ticketless fans forced their way in no matter what and caused a crush.what’s the difference between a cow and a tragedy? A scouser doesn’t know how to milk a cow.Liverpool fc scum:remember what happened at hillsborough but don’t scrub heysel under the carpet & pretend you did not murder anyone.murdering scumbag faggots!.europes worst fans FACT

  • nasse muschi

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