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Hawk Eye Technology which is used in tennis and cricket is now seriously being thrown into the beautiful game we all love football the change could happen very soon.

Hawk-Eye is the most sophisticated officiating tool used in any sport. It is accurate, reliable and practical: fans now expect and demand it to be a part of every event

After countless referee and linesman mistakes its about time we have some hardcore back up in the game with Goaline Technology.The Hawk-Eye computer programme, as used in cricket and tennis, was close to being perfected and it is understood to have the backing of the Premier League. The support of Uefa, though, is required and the European governing body is currently using the Europa League as a testing ground for additional match officials positioned on the goalline to assist referees with contentious decisions.


Accuracy and reliability are certainly the most important criteria for establishing the Hawk-Eye Football System. The FA Premier League has stipulated that a goal-line system must be accurate to 5mm and Hawk-Eye has risen to the task.


It is vital that the desired information is communicated to the referee in a quick, discreet manner. The IFAB has stipulated that an “instant” system must be implemented: Hawk-Eye will provide an answer is less than 0.5 seconds.

How does it work?

As with all Hawk-Eye technology, every image is processed by a bank of computers in real time. This data is then sent to a central computer, which combines all the information to determine whether or not the ball has crossed the line. As soon as a ball has been tracked across the goal line, the central computer will transmit an automatic signal directly to the referee to inform him whether or not a goal has been scored. This information can be communicated to a watch or an ear piece as required.
Uefa president Michel Platini says he is not against using Hawk-Eye-style technology to end disputes about the ball crossing the goal line.
He said it could be a way forward, but he was “totally opposed” to the use of instant video replay.

“Football must remain human, but we must also try to limit mistakes,” said the former French captain.

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