learn to freestyle the basic soccer football tricks

Freestyle is about expressing yourself, like an art takes time but worth it in the end. You show off amazing skills performed with a football with various tricks and moves.Stars across the world use these on and off the field giving there own tradmark names in the next few months we will be giving out some free session information on how to work these great moves.So good luck and remember pratice make perfect.Scroll down to see the video Part 2 coming up in a few days

Beginner/Easy Tricks


Atw (Around the World) – A complete revolution around the ball using your foot. As you are juggling, hit the ball with either the inside or outside of the foot (depending on which way you are going around the ball) to give it a bit of a spin. Your foot should make a complete revolution around the ball and come back under the ball to continue juggling. It is perhaps one of the most basic freestyle tricks. Practice is the key.

Htw (Hop the World) – A touch with one foot, and the opposite foot goes around the ball outside to inside and comes around and under to touch the ball, and to continue juggling.

Crossover – A simple but nice looking move. You jump up and swing one leg around the ball while having a trailing leg underneath that leg which kicks the ball up from under the leg you swung around the ball with.

Toe bounce – The ball is allowed to drop to your standing foot. The other leg swings around over the ball as the ball bounces off the standing foot and comes back up again. Swinging your leg outside to inside is the most common and generally the easier way to perform this trick, however, you can also perform a toe bounce with your leg swinging over the ball inside to outside. Balance is the key.

Headstall – Balance the ball on your head roughly where the hairline should be.

Side slap – A very simple trick that is not used very often. Beginners will try this and perform it very easily while thinking it’s an amazing move. I’m not sure if there are many experienced freestylers who would consider this anything more than a below average move. As the ball is dropping to the ground you first step over the ball and let it bounce. On the way back up your other trailing leg pounds the ball down to the ground again from behind the leg you stepped over with and should now be your supporting leg.

Rainbow – Catch the ball between your feet. One foot (usually the dominant one) rolls the ball up your support leg. Then, with your support leg, bring the backheel up and flick the ball up.

Aeroplane or Back Roll – From juggling you kick the ball up into the air so it makes contact with your right shoulder, then spin round making the ball spin across the top of your back and off your left shoulder to carry on juggling.

Piledriver – From footstall, the ball is lifted and slammed against the floor using the shin. This can be used to into any move such as atw, crossover, tatw etc.

Dislocated Knee – Bring your leg up. The ball makes contact with the knee but you also kick out with your foot and the ball kind of pops up from your knee as you pull your foot back

                           Some of the tricks are shown below to give you guys a idea

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