PES 2011 vs FIFA 11 Hot or Not

August 25, 2009 | Filed Under: UK Box Update 
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fifa-10-game So its that time again but will pro evo ever catch up the game we most love fifa football.Fifa has taken over the past two years with 08 and 09 being the daddy of football games and fifa09 just brillant online.Will evo take the crown back?We dont think so but you never know take a lopk at the video below as the two get it on!

 See new Fifa 11 and pro evo 11 gameplay video here

Comparison in gameplay Lets ave it! time for 2011 folks comment below

New footage from Far east Sept 13th

Get it on pre order!

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    PES 2010 is the best football game of the year.Just face it Better at Graphics and Gameplay (the players are smart and they'll atack and fight for position) hope this year make the multiplayer and if thats fixed than Pro Evo will rule over fifa for many years.

    • koolg

      And what is your opinion about the goal keeper???????
      and PES copied (and modified) a lot from FIFA this yr.

      • MAtt

        dude…. you cant complain about pes copying fifa this year. this the only year that this has happened whereas fifa has been stealing from pes for years



    Deluded much?

  • shaqz

    Pes 2010 is the more realistic game this time around….but i think its too realistic….some pes fans might be surprised….i played fifa 10….its great…the physics and all look good…but it jus doesnt seem realistic like fifa 09….while pro evo even surpassed the realism of fifa 09 with the unique flavour of PES which makes pes the best football game choice 🙂

  • Anonymous


  • KonohasOrangeFlash

    your All on Drugs…Every Fanboy of PES is so Blind and In Deinal…Its so irrititating to EVERYONE ( Even some of your own PES fans who are not Fanboys) how annyoing and arrogant you people are….Why cant you handle the FACT that EA has Surpased Konami…Better Presentation , Graphics and Gameplay…PES has been outclassed for 3 years Now…Just swallow your Fake Pride and wait till next year and Hope PES beats FIFA in 2010 because FIFA wins AGAIN this year…PES WAS a Good game a few years ago…but absolutley nothing has changed ecept graphics..And you Fanboys have the nerve to say PES is even in the same league as FIFA this year…do me a favour dont type things on the net while your High …OK??? you fanboys just hope next year PES improves….

  • pes 2010 all the way fifa sucks their players looks like robots and pes is always more realistic than fifa

    • koolg

      If you dont play PES or FIFA please do not post comments, this yr PES is better than fifa in realism, and not "pes is always more realistic than fifa ".

  • Anonymous

    PES Sucks…Its crap

  • FIFA rule because if you play PES 2010 you'll see the mistakes that the goalkeeper make. He just watches the ball go past him. It's funny.

    • Jimrod

      Or you can play Fifa and just chip the keeper at will… Your choice! 🙂

      (P.S. I like both games for different reasons, Fifa is better but PES can be more fun – and you can actually score with headers in it ;))

  • John

    Had both versions of 2009. Fifa had better presentation and many options along with a good online experience.When it comes to having your friends and play mini leagues pes is by far a superior gaming experience although the online game was awful(lags). It is good for EA that they built a better game over the years so that Konami had to be better too and improve PES. I think PES 2010 is definetely the choice for every real football fan.

  • d3mon

    I have been playing konami soccer/football games since International Superstar Soccer on the SNES, yes a long time ago. And the games always were way ahead of FIFA, yes fifa had names and license but Konami had the better game, Years and cosoles went trough and i kept playing PES/WInning Eleven, however when a friend showed me the demo for FIFA 08 on the PS3 i was hooked, yes they copied the even the control scheme from PES and other things but that was what made PES the better game sadly PES went way down after WE7, I always hated EA and FIFA but now i am a convert, i got the demos for PES 10 and FIFA 10 and i played them again and again, fifa is way better.

    • koolg

      This time PES has copied (and modified) a lot from FIFA….

  • spb-au

    I was a very big fan of PES and don't miss a single release for the last 6 years at least and did the same with FIFA. I hated the non-licenses PES always comes with but playing it made you forget that entirely. Since PES was always the best choice i tend to forget FIFA for the last 2 years or just play it a few times with the usual dissapointment but i have to say that PES has not gone backwards on their design or gameplay but also have not gone much forward either. While FIFA, at least the 2010 version, is a much better game than it's earlier attempts to bet PES and even have to agree that the FIFA series is now better that PES without doubt. my ratings would be PES 7.5/10 FIFA 8.5/10
    PES has seriously not improved their gameplay for years, while graphics might 've improved a bit, but FIFA's improvements can be seen everywhere. moving around the field, kicking the ball, goalies, etc etc.
    this year (as probably was last years too) FIFA is still ahead by a nose (ok, a bit more than a nose, but i won't put PES behind just yet….

  • spb-au

    I was a very big fan of PES and didnt miss a single release for the last 6 years (as D3mon, ive played all winning eleven, from consoles to pc) while i've also tried every installment of the fifa series on PC. I hated the non-licenses PES always comes with but playing it made you forget all that entirely. Since PES was always the best choice i tend to forget FIFA for the last few years or just play it a few times with the usual disapointment, but i have to say that PES while not going backwards on their design or gameplay they have also not gone much forward . FIFA, at least the 2010 version, is a much better game than it's predecessors, and even have to agree that the FIFA series is now better that PES without doubt. my ratings would be PES 7.5/10 FIFA 8.5/10. After playing many matches on both PS3 demos (fifa/pes) i had to simply say FIFA is the best football game ever made for any console. I just hope PES returns the favour next year to come back with a far better soccer experience. healthy competition is the root of our gaming enjoyment without it we'd be getting the same shlt over and over again for who's benefit? (don't answer, the gaming industry is in crisis isn't it?)

  • Marko

    As someone who has played PES since PES 4 I must say that this years version on the last couple of years have been by far the most dissapointing. Konami is simply pretending to improve the game engine by taking away things from the game engine and calling it something like “all new revolutionary new adaptable super smart AI” when really all they’ve done is tweak a few numbers and the game in just about every way still plays exactly the same as last years and maybe even worse. The only noticable difference is that dribbling is now useless (as it was maybe a bit too easy in last years). The AI is still completely idiotic, especially compared to the improvements FIFA has made over the years. Also, how hard is it to get someone who actually speaks decent english to translate the game, like what exactly does “since your team was seeded you have received a bye for the competition”. uh…ok if you say so PES :/

    • Kkaz

      A 'bye' means a walkover, come on..

    • Kkaz

      And Fifa10 has come a far was since say, fifa 03, but that doesn't mean it's better than pes2010 just because it hasn't come that far from pes4. Geez.

  • josh

    yea, also, english was quite funny. i was playing become a legend mode and i was leading goal-scoring and it said, 'we find out the answer to 'wiffen(thats my name XD) 'wiffen's from! supposed to say form! … really torn this year though……:/ all my friends will get fifa, might get it jsut so i can play with them. fifa is better online. manager mode has more depth and obv, more license, but i still find pro evo more fun. might get both this year!

  • it rulesssssss hARD wins my vote pes 10

  • Brooking still best

    I have brought Fifa 10 this year, the first time since the year dot. Always been a PES fan but i have got tired of buying the same game year after year with little or no improvements. FIFA on the other hand, has improved big style. I almost feel I am being dis-loyal saying this, but FIFA 10 is now the better game by far.
    The king is dead, long live the king. FIFA 10!

  • Alessandro

    If you have ever been to a professional soccer match…..youll notice that when a player does a long ball, it seems as though the ball stays in the air for quite a while… Fifa, when you do a long ball, the ball has no spin and goes flying over the players….but in PES 2010, the long balls stay in the air and have spin for quite a while, which is what i love….

    • Alessandro

      Also, when you take a shot in either fifa 09 or fifa 10….the ball also curves to the right or left… a days in professional futbol, the players tend to shoot from far out….in PES 2010, when you shoot from far out, you will actuallly have a better chance of making that shot, or at least make the ball be on target. If fifa would make that change fifa would be the best, but for right now, PES is the best game so far….

  • rooney

    sucks and is a bloody bulL

  • jay jay

    I had fiffa 2009 an pes 2009 i thought fiffa was better an i have always been a pes man but i have the both this year also an pes is the one! trust me great game pes RULES

    • Alessandro

      I also love the gameplay and how realistic it is compared to the modern proffessional game today. DOnt you think?

  • fic

    PES10 way way way way way way way better than Fifa 10 ! end of disscution



  • Halil B

    Hi Guys,

    I WAS a hardcore PES fan, till 2010. i played Fifa09 sometimes and found it had better graphics, so i only played it when i wanted amusement instead of simulation. But with fifa10 i have no doubt it better then pes.
    in PES the ballcontroll is to much, the game is slow. and the graphics, my god dont get me started, did you see ibrahimovic's face, it looks like a f@#! ghost.

    I havent touched pes10 since the first i played it.


    I played the konami game since it was international super star soccer on the super nintendo,
    yeah it's the game where PES evolved of.
    But they dissapointed this hardcore fan of konami for ever.
    So they really have to bring something good next year, 🙁 i have to wait another 12 months to have a chance to enjoy pes.


  • Salut Gaby,a aparut deja versiunea oficiala a jocului PES 2010. Eu m-am jucat si Fifa 2010 si pot spune ca fifa e mult mai real.In Pes orice faza la poarta se sfarseste cu un gol. Intradevar grafica este mult mai atractiva la Pes

  • Alessandro

    You know what……to solve everyones problems……just buy both games!!!!!! its that simple….their both fun!!

  • Alessandro

    if your in the mood for a challenge….then play online on fifa…..if u want to have fun and be in the champions league…..then play pes….

  • j.j. Football Mad

    To start of it has to be FIFA 10, even if its just for the sake of words "football vs soccer". Don't care 4 the soccer term! Secondly do you want to play in the Theater of Dreams or league of the unknowns.

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  • Marc

    The graphical and gameplay comparison is no contest.. . pes 10 is by far the superior for that aspect however the online play is as usual not as good as fifa 2010. Pes this year have changed their online servers so compared to previous editions it has improved. Couple this with the better gameplay and graphics for me PES 2010 is the btter game

  • Sarp

    I am a PES fan for years. To be honest 2009 was not a good year for Pes 2009. But in 2010 PES didnt make the same mistake and in 2010 definetly PES 2010 is better than FIFA 2010. I dont believe what the game sites claim because most of them is bribed by EA sports. PES 2010 rules this year sorry guys…

  • aar

    Im gettin fifa 10 for xmas..i play both demos every day and love both but fifa has virtual pro and better comentary and the practice arena looks cool too. Gameplay..well havnt played full versions yet but for demos its pes..gameplay…pes….master league usally owns manager mode but you just get a bit bored of pes after a while..

  • Hamid

    If you are a real football player you choose fifa immidiately! this is so clear!

    • Kkaz

      Yeah, and if you're a physicist you follow Sesame Street.

      PES2010 is the best football simulator out there.

  • hemaraj

    fifa is a good game very yon play

  • thato

    i always play pes sinse from pes06 i only wana know that does fifa10 have uefa champions league?

  • bobby

    lol your saying pes is better how is it better then fifa, you can dribble the whole team wif 1 player you call that realistic try that on fifa and you will loose the ball most of the time so serzly all you pes fans just shut up

  • Jordan

    If guys that keep saying PES is better than your an idiot… Do you realize you can run passed their whole team just by sprinting? HOW IS THAT REALISTIC??

  • Brian de itwizard

    PES Rules, yes fifa is a good game most people choose it beause they never knew pes existed, FIFA has compied a lot of controls from PES over the past years, though i must agree FIFA is not a bad game it is good but for me if you need realistic soccer game then nothing beats PES. The only thing needed is for PES to get full licence for all teams.. PES rules

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