Should Fifa Ban The Vuvuzela sound of South Africa

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the-vuvuzela-2010-world-cup If you have been following the Confederations Cup  you might have been thinking what is that noise in the background to us sounds like a swarm of bees!But no this is the Vuvuzela very famous in south africa and the sound of South African football.And the sound? An elephant, a swarm of angry bees, a fog horn – whatever it is, it is loud. When there’s action near the goal mouth, it is something to behold; a sound you are unlikely to forget in a hurry.

The debate is now should they have them in the crowd for the world cup 2010? The world football governing body said on 11 July 2008 that fans could bring their vuvuzelas to stadiums for 2010 World Cup matches could be a big mistake?.The announcement on 15 May 2004 that South Africa would host the FIFA World Cup in 2010 gave the vuvuzela a major boost, with some 20 000 sold on the day!

The vuvuzela is a feature of football matches in South Africa, and the instrument has made its mark in other sports. Made of plastic, they come in a variety of colours – the standard primary red, blue and yellow, with a smattering of green too. But the most popular are those in club colours: black or white for fans of Orlando Pirates, yellow for Kaizer Chiefs, and so on It is now heard at rugby and cricket games too.

So people we may have to put up with it next year in ways its a good effect gives a great party vibe but after a while you just might want those ear plugs.Can the samba of brazil or the england drum kit take these horns on? We dont think so would love to hear your thoughts comment below

Interesting Just today sepp blatter the fifa god tried to do a south african dance  scary see here in his interview on tv see here

See how good you are at blowing your own trumpet? Blow the virtual vuvuzela here

The Vuvuzela in Full effect Below


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  • Martin

    Well if South Africans are so stupid that they think its a good idea to drive people away and make people hate watching the World Cup then maybe they need to be dictated to. The Argument for banning them is based upon Scientific Fact, and the argument for keeping them is a politically charged argument dismissing all fact. That in itself, should convince everybody, the time to ban it is now.

    • otwbezg


    • hvofuqgj


  • Worldcupinmute

    To ban Vuvuzela write to FIFA here

  • Jerry

    I've been a football fanatic all my life. I was really looking forward to the excitement of this World Cup; but one match was enough to show me that in this tournament, there is no excitement, no crowd atmosphere, just mindless noise. With a heavy heart, I will watch something else instead.

  • peter

    Nasty noise that ruins everything, the worst world cup ever

  • Blacksouthafrican

    Sorry, I have to admit the vuvuzelas are too loud.

  • Mark

    It must be awful playing through that noise. It’s bad enough on TV. Ban them fast!

  • Ingrid

    The sound it makes is highly annoying and not to mention bad for your ears if your'e actually in the stadium. A lot of players are complaining about it and these complaints should be taken seriously.
    This whole discussion about it being part of the SA culture is utterly ridiculous. It has nothing to do with culture, it's just a bunch of noise. I think SA is forgetting its NOT an African or South-African Cup… It's the World Cup held in South Africa. So, show some respect to all the players visiting who are annoyed by this thing. I hope Fifa decides to ban this thing asap.

  • Gary

    The continued use of the horns is pure arrogance on the part of South Aricans. Where is the "love" when they know the noise is deliberately upsetting to most all soccer fans. And, since when is blowing a cheap plastic horn considered part of SA's culture ? Done with World Cup 2010 – good riddance………..

  • George

    For a moment I heard a song from the fans. It was so beautiful! It reminded a lot of things…

  • Nicola

    Can't some blow a horn, some chant, some sing etc etc?? Why do they ALL have to blow a damn horn, and ALL through a game whatever is happening?? Also, I don't think it's down to everyone else to 'adopt' their culture… I think as the hosts and hearing that the rest of the WORLD is unhappy, they should come to some sort of compromise! My opinion of South African people is not good as a result of all this and the attitude of a lot of them!? Playing the 'culture' card and saying it's about 'Westerners' wanting control over them is their way of making sure nobody dares to ban these torture instruments!!!

  • I am ashamed if people from other countries say that the vuvuzela is a South African culture thing. This idiotic horn has nothing to do with the South Africa culture. It might be the culture of the stupid brain dead people who blows the vuvuzela but not the culture of everybody in our country. Please ban this idiotic instrument from the games.

  • Jakob

    Non-Apartheid South Africa might be young, but to consider blowing plastic horns as a tradition is just far out.

    Ban the horn, I wish that diabollic horn never may be used anywhere.

  • Jon

    Ban the awful monotone moronic din!

  • Celine

    Yes – the sound of the horn might be annoying, but I’d take that sound any day over the mean, antagonising chants European idiots sing to each other, that end up in fist fights. Maybe the world could learn something from the supposed ‘crime ridden’ South Africa!

    • Abhinav

      kudu horn has been launched in South Africa this week, and might just raplece the much talked about vuvuzela at soccer stadiums throughout the country during the 2010 World Cup next

  • For the TV viewer there is zero atmosphere at the games, just an endless, mindless droning. You cannot hear the crowd – there are no cheers, or groans, no singing, nothing. Who are the idiots that think this is fine? Vuvuzelas are not an African tradition. They have been around for only 10 years, most are made in China, the noise they make is vile and thinking that the South African team will benefit from them is ridiculous, and embarrassing. Stupid, stupid Fifa for allowing them!

  • F.Heria

    ban the thing , bring back soccer

  • mica

    Thanks South Africa for ruining the world cup.

  • passionchamp

    Reason #1 to ban vuvuzelas: MONEY
    If people have their tv's muted, then they aren't going to unmute their tv's for the commercials, so why would any company want to pay for commercial time if it only gets through to a small percentage of people watching?

    Reason #2 to ban vuvuzelas: PUBLIC HEALTH
    Everyone will go deaf.

    Reason #3 to ban vuvuzelas: INSANITY
    Everyone will go Insane.

    Reason #4 to ban vuvuzelas: Heart Attacks
    When my brother and I were younger, we used to sneak up on my father while he was on the computer and blow a vuvuzela in his ear… after his first heart attack, we stopped that. They were banned in my house as they should be anywhere people's health is in jeopardy.

    (yes, I put money as #1, because that's the real motivation, not public health or mental health.

  • Mr.Football

    FIFA decision makers should get their heads out of their a###s and look at the situation really. These ridiculous bee-horns are ruining the unique atmosphere of the World Cup, they are a nuisance to viewers, players, coaches and referees. They aren´t any traditional or important cultural thing to be protected from "colonialism", stop the silly PC. Why ruin a magical tournament, make the right decision!!!

  • Rudy

    Please ban the nasty horn

  • Annoyed by Vuvuz

    Its an absolute garbage. Won't let players play and are extremely annoying when watching the games. This just makes me think SouthAfricans have no creativity! Ban the Vuvuzelas! They're not even unique, similar horns have been used in many other countries for a long time, but not in such a terrible way!

    Stop the Vuvuz so people can watch good footbal… this is just like throwing batteries to players to stop them from playing well or to hurt them… its retarded… are all SouthAfricans retarded?

  • Chris

    I agree with all the sentiments expressed by others here. The noise level from that stupid vuvuzela is simply unacceptable. I stopped watching the World cup as I dont really like to watch sport games with the ‘mute’ button on. At least the commercials feel refreshing.

  • Mute TV viewer

    Why do the officials not see the problem? The distraction for fans and supports outweighs the argumnet that it is a cultural thing. Come on in previous years you did not hear these vuvus at every game for 90 minutes?? Why now when the rest of the Worlds eyes are on our country?? Let's not spoil the huge effort put in to make these games a success by ALOWING THE VUVUVELA TO BE PLAYED. BAN THEM NOW.

  • Refusing to listen to players pleas to ban those Vuvuzelas,FIFA is spineless. so what's new?

  • sbou

    it gave a billion of people watching the games from their tv a headache. why do i care if its a local tradition? i just want to watch the games, if i wanted to learn the african culture i would watch national geographic. worst games ever, shame

  • Serge

    the sound makes me sick to my stomach. i have not been able to watch more than 15 minutes of a game so far. This world cup will be remembered as the most annoying ever. ban it before the roun d of 16 pleeeeeease!

  • Jay

    The World Cup is all about ad revenues – how much and how many products companies can sell. Now if people are starting to turn down the sound on their TVs due to this racket and ads aren't being noticed like they are intended then these companies start questioning their ad and sposiorship contracts (which I would imagine is already happening behind the scenes) if I were a major manufacturer paying millions for air time would I be happy knowing a large portion of my audience are viewing with no sound ?? you just watch how quickly Sep Blatter ban these horns if sponsorship monies are witheld. Its all about the bottom line Im afriad – what fans want and what they get are two different things – now when sponsors complain its a DIFFERENT story – if you want these banned I suggest emailing Cocoa Cola etc the major sponsors saying you just cant watch this World Cup – enough complaints and they will get banned ! This is the worst World Cup I have ever seen due to that droning noise and I for one wont tune in again.

  • Gaynor

    Look at the bright side – Now you can blame the Vuvuzelas when your team performs poorly!!!

  • Vaal

    It is nothing to do with it being African. It is noise pollution, nothing less. It should be banned for being a health hazard. Fans everywhere in the world are turning their TV's to mute or turning it off entirely. Listening to that incessant inane hornets-nest for 90 minutes gives many people a migraine. Having to take an aspirin after watching a match is not acceptable. Is this going to be the legacy of the South African world cup? It is a disaster, and playing the cultural relativist card and putting your fingers up to the rest of the world that have a genuine problem with this excruciating din is a poor reflection on the hosts. They are doing their level best to ensure that there will never be a world cup in Africa again. Please FIFA, stop this exasperating racket. It is destroying the world cup, and turning watching a match into an unpleasant ordeal, rather than a pleasure.

  • of course they should be allowed, however only at the African matches not an England vs American or other such games where fans do not want to hear the sound of thousands of bees, we would much rather hear the chanting and singing and so would many other countries!!

  • Ste M

    An important point is that the noise is putting players off!
    Would you be happy with your team players not being able to concentrate??

    Traditional or not, players have made complaints to FIFA that they cannot concentrate, communicate, or even in some cases hear the referee whistle!
    Any distractions during a match that distract the players should not be acceptable.

    If it was traditional to blow slide whistles, would they allow it at a snooker match????

    If South Africans have to blow their horns, they should blow them when their own teams play, stop putting off everyone elses players!!

  • Raven

    I have stopped watching the football because of the noise. SA shove the trumpet up your arse

  • Robert

    Honestly, don't you South African people get what sound from loads of vuvuzelas you're doing is causing? All these ties, low scoring, boring games. Players can't even talk to each other… I guess South African people don't like watching attractive games in their own league seeing they use them there aswell and players can't communicate with all the noise going around.

    Here's suggestion btw, seeing players can't talk to each other. Why not tie their eyes with some cloth aswell so they can't see? Why bother seeing when using their eyes is just as important as using ears and mouth. Like anyone wants to see action on the pitch, when you got 95% of people on stadiums making awful sound with vuvuzelas and they don't give a crap about game. And talk about how "traditional" they are… If only they would be using them for hundreads and not only ten, twenty years.

    All I can say is – Worst championship ever, thanks to South Africa. Thank god we won't see world cup here for the next 1000 years.

  • goldy

    Hey Blatter and the African FA – this is the World Cup with no goals and no atmosphere just mindless blowing of cheap plastic horns that are defended on the basis of culture?? Dont make me laugh – spineless Blatter is scared of the race card being played against him and his FIFA cronies but the sponsors call the shots and believe me the money will not allow this to happen again – after all the years of waiting the South Africans have scored a bad double by destroying their chances of hosting for decades and by unintentionally showcasing a monoculture of mindless noise. The fans, players and a worldwide audience all complain but nobody at FIFA ever listens..(their new match beach ball, new technology and now this) !

  • Damnsonimgood

    I DONT CARE about the sound it makes, its the ridiculous unrythmic tooting people do on it. Unorganized, no imagination what so ever. Just make some noise. Is this the heritage of Africa? blow your horn as loud as you can? Fans supposed to make the game more enjoyable with chants and songs. The whole stadium is one continous bee hive. And isnt it WINTER in africa? Why on earth would they host it there? Could it be taht it was a mistake because its too cold, the vuvuzela tooting is ridiculous, even through the TV, and reporters are getting looted. Nice. This tournament was supposed to show the world that Africa can host such event. It cant. Some say it wont even benefit africa. Maybe the top elite. Oh but it created jobs, yeah with the money that was spent on building that stadium, hospitals and maybe ummmm SCHOOLS could have been built with the same labour force. Its annoying to see that the only REAL reason to host fifa in africa was for political reason. To "unite" people, stop uniting people, stop multiculturism, let countries be to them selves. Imagine if we were all mixed up, what possible good would that do, youd see the same people everywhere with the same culture. Why are we letting the government aim for that? A utopia. We need variety, cultures should NOT blend with eachother. we need our differences. And I also read that some of these misfits think hosting it Africa shows that africa is now a civilized country with a strong economy. I really feel bad for the people, its heart breaking to see after all this they have national pride. Im not dissing Africa because the people had no choice in the matter. im dissing the fact that for what reason it was held there. Purely political, utopian multicultural bs that supposed to make people get along. This doesnt help people. It bring people who potentially hate eachother closer.

  • JJJ

    HAHAHAHA THANK YOU Africa!! You are just re-enforcing every stereotype about you on a global scale! Welcome to the soccer-isation of football.

    And in future, don't host things in Africa, it really IS as useless as you thought.

  • Matuye

    ViEnter text right here! Viva Vuvuzela!
    Viva Afrika! Questo è il vero significato che il WC sta andando avanti presso Sud Afrika, è proprio l'Africa che mette chiaramente la differenza tra il momento di funerale e il momento di gioia. Il rumore che fa fastidio non quello esterno, ma piuttosto che è dentro di ognuno nella sua testa e nei suoi pensieri, è tale rumore è stato sempre pericolossismo. Lascia l'Africa stale in mezzo ai suoi costumi.

  • David

    Well, you guys do realize that here are some white people left in SA.. I, for one, want to hide my face when those FUNNELS are being blown, irritation is worse when your country bury you along with the idiots you can not stand!! Thank you all for noticing our frustration! Just please notice another thing: Where are the white SA soccer players??
    I will leave you with that thought!!!

    • Ben

      Im wondering why Matthew Booths been dumped on the bench all tournament. The teams defence could use someone of his height.

  • JohnnyQ

    Because of Vuvu-F***in-Zela, this event it will be the most lousy in the history of World Cups.It’s the most stupid thing ever invented, mostly to be used on a stadium where fans should sing and cheer rather then blow those “F***in-Bees” all the time. So stop,ban and destroy them all, because they are good only to annoy the players,the fans and the tv-watchers.

  • Ray

    How to ruin the world cup in one easy lessonEnter text right here!

  • bill

    lighten up. I cant think of a better soundtrack for the 'exciting' game of soccer.
    and judging by the joyous looks on the guest fans faces ,the vuvuzela is coming home with them. enjoy! I can hardly wait for them to get to some big famous stadium near you bunch of killjoys

    • Mr.Football

      So instead of ruining the World Cup, ruin the whole beautiful game? that won´t happen as people in Europe have more sense than that

  • aaa

    i have the fu…… e Vuvuzela

  • aaa

    sorry , I hate the fu….ing vuvuzela

  • Waka Waka

    Yeah Let's ban the vuvuzela
    But then let's ban the foghorns and the drums and everything else.
    Come to think of it, We can even ask people to keep absolutely quiet throughout the match
    Then it will be fine on TV and the commentators can be heard fine, eh?

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