Steven Cohen death threats stops World Soccer Daily

steven-cohen-goes-off-air Radio host Steven Cohen has announced that his show World Soccer Daily is coming off the air after internet hate mail has been directed at his family and stepchildren. Cohen quoted in the past controversy in recent months with comments he made about the Hillsborough disaster (see here).He was was disrespectful and stupid, and deserved to be taken off the air via legitimate channels. But not from a campaign of violent intimidation but everyone will have there call on this .The problem is when you say things you really need to think first of the families who lost their lives with respect.

Just yesterday Mike Ashleys sports shop chain was in big trouble also after printing a disgraceful top based on the event  see here

Steven Cohen Quits

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  • Dan Gorgan

    The hate mongering didnt have to occur to stop the show. Poor very very poor response to a situation that didnt need to escalate to this point

  • Charles H.F.

    'Freedom of Speech' does not immune one from criticism.

    Sponsors withdrew from Steven Cohen's show because of his disgraceful remarks, unsupported arguments and insincere apology.

    The man is a fool; just like the people who sent him hate mail.

  • MpdByrd

    The fact is Steve Cohen brought this upon himself. As Tim Vickery succinctly stated on the BBC World Football Phone-in, (paraphrasing) As a journalist you must have facts that support your opinion before giving it. It is your responsibilty to share these facts, otherwise you should keep the opinion to yourself. If Steven was trained in journalism, he would have known this, but he is not. While I do not condone death threats etc., you can place the ending WSD squarely on the shoulders of one Steven Cohen.

  • Maddaire

    Most unfortunate! LFC should be ashamed! Hopefully WSD will be back in some other form.

  • charles

    Any proof to these threats or are you just copying what Cohen said on air?

  • WSDeulogy

    MpdByrd: it's interesting that some would hold Cohen to some strict journalistic standard when clearly he is not a member of the fraternity. While I truly admire and respect Tim Vickery's opinions on the world of South American football – he's the very best in my opinion, along with Martin Samuel – his frame of reference is that of the BBC and not of American media where most broadcast entities are not subsidized by the government. Vickery is, through only the fault of his frame of reference, trying to enlist journalistic standards on a broadcast that never marketed itself as such.

    WSD, in its purest form, was equal parts information and entertainment – and therein fuels the dilemma of this truly unfortunate episode, mostly because the line between these two forces were often blurred. Good, bad or indifferent; it's what made the show as interesting as it could be divisive. There was very little middle ground when it came to WSD, I think we can all agree to that fact.

  • Media Man

    I've known Cohen for years, and the guy has a serious problem with telling the truth (cost him his first wife). He also loves to embellish every story out of his mouth.

    I don't doubt that he got hate mail, but I sincerely doubt it killed the show.

    WSD paid for airtime on Sirius and then controlled the inventory, and held the right to distribute the show through other channels (iTunes, website, etc). That model is untenable if you don't have advertising.

    Bottom line: if WSD could still afford the airtime, they'd still be on the air.

  • nick s

    " it's interesting that some would hold Cohen to some strict journalistic standard when clearly he is not a member of the fraternity."

    It's not so much a journalistic standard as a position of implied authority built up from being the first and longest-established US-based soccer talk host. Nobody in the UK could hold down a similar job, either on the BBC or the advertiser-funded Talk Sport, repeatedly voicing the worst kind of terrace junk about Hillsborough. The same would apply if he were a Leeds fan who just couldn't stop cracking Munich jokes.

    Consider a relatively newcomer to the game in the US, possibly one who wasn't born in 1989. Cohen has been talking about soccer on the radio and TV for most of the past decade — he's the Fox Soccer Channel guy, the voice on the radio. So when he says something, it carries weight. As a result, I can't help thinking that he's encouraged plenty of American fans to believe the Shed End line on Hillsborough over the Taylor report.

    This clearly isn't to excuse any threats or anti-semitic abuse, but when you wave a red rag to a bull, you risk getting gored.

  • Dixie21

    My strong vote is for Steven Cohen and WSD. Period.

  • CWinSD

    Steven's original contention was that we can blame the police, the facility, planning, etc. all we want but the reality is that the actions of some fans that day contributed to the tragedy. Now, I will admit that Steven's hatred toward LFC fans ended up tainting his statements but he did always steer himself back to it being a "shared responsibility".
    No one believes the fans were the sole or even a primary cause of events that day. But given both Taylor reports without doubt, fan actions, however small or large, contributed to events that day. The Interim report clearly cites this, particularly when referencing those that "tried to push and force their way forward". Did they intend the events on that day no, but if no one presses forward then there is no crush. The interim report describes several instances of fan behavior that contributed to events and the final report spends 4 chapters dealing with how to handle deviant fan behavior(hooliganism). So to say that the actions of some fans that day had no influence on events is grossly miopic. Just as it is to suggest that any fans there that day were solely responsible for events.

  • CWinSD

    The loss of WSD is a lose lose all the way around. Those of us in the US (and other parts of the world that tuned in) lost a groudbreaking show and LFC now has a blight on their name for many of us in the US. Further, those LFC supporters truly interested in disemminating the truth around Hillsborough lost the chance to convey the events of Hillsborough through the show, given the invitation was extended on several occasions.

    I still hope that both sides can eventually get passed the instinctual hatred and eventually come to the table to have an enlightened discussion. It is okay to disagree, but in the end I believe, face to face, both sides would find more common ground than they'd think.

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