Things that we can take from the Premier League games 18th-19th September

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Arsene Wenger has now successfully become the worst manager in the Premier League for blaming unrelated matters for his teams poor performances. Arsene, that time is added on to most games. Get a real defence!

Chelsea must have something in their water after they once again make a mockery of yet another club in what is regarded as the best football league in the world. Drugs testing anyone? No not you Rio!

Looks like Chelsea knew more about Joe Cole than we first thought, first they are willing to let him leave for free and next they sit and giggle as he is made to look like a school boy playing Sunday league.

Ah how refreshing, yet another of the Premiership managers is once again blowing wind up himself enough to make you sick! Big Sam Alladyce has been telling us all how he could manage Real Madrid, Manchester United or Inter Milan… Sam, stop moaning and apply… At least then you can get the rejection letter for you troubles.

Fabregas must be kicking himself after agreeing to stay at the club to find himself playing for a club that are simply no better than the likes of newly promoted Newcastle United. Bitter Cesc? I know I would be!

It seems that taking a penalty is becoming more like a game of gambling in the casino, with the balance seemingly being placed in the goalkeepers favour now… Well okay nothing has been changed but with players lining up to be the next on the fluffed penalty list. If you’re going to bottle it, don’t take it! Simple!

Hey Anton Ferdinand, stop trying to be a skilful player and revert back to your usual kick it long style! See what happens when you pratt about with the ball and then remember that you have less skills than a flopping fish? Terrible!

The weekend has been a story of take backs, with the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson saying one thing and then altering his opinion on Berbatov following a hat trick performance against Liverpool. Oi Fergy… You can’t have it both ways! and as for his comment ‘it could’ve been 10′ your having a bubble.

Liverpool are in free fall and yet the only player who is even remotely interested in trying to win a game is captain Steven Gerrard. You have to feel the pain that he must be in after carrying 10 others on his back at the weekend! ( great second goal celebration)

Finally, the recent weekend has shown us that the Premiership is becoming less of a three horse race and that some of the teams in the league aren’t even fit to play in the league below! A dull weekend of draws and lucky goals leaves us all looking forward to next week and im your a betting man another chelsea win.

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