Video: Police fire pepper spray at Brazilian footballers

Police took action on players in brazil after a sending off affair blew out of control.

Genus midfielder Robson was sent-off, but his team-mates started a fight on the referee. The worried match officials called for back-up and it arrived bigtime with peper spray on automatic mode.

For activists, pepper spray is far too common a tool used by police to keep legitimate protests at ba,Spraying at an open eye for several seconds can cause serious eye damage.The burning sensation, however, does not always have the desired effect and to be honest should not have been used in this situation.

Dr pepper time

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  • USARef

    Why should it not have been used? It's a non-lethal method of attaining compliance. By the time the police are involved, the situation has obviously gone out of control and they would have been attempting to restore and protect safety.

    Yes, pepper spray (and tasers) can be used for the wrong reasons – but footballers all too often don't really think that the rules apply to them. In this instance, safety was compromised and the police convinced the players that – yes – the referee has the authority and will be protected in doing his job.

  • Ronaldo

    So if players here get into a typical fight are argument in the baseball, football, or basketball field, it's OK for police too storm the field and spray or club the visiting team? If that's the case then the line between what happens on the field and off is now blurred.

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