Young football hooligans on the rise

According to a new study that has been conducted by the BBC, a report that reveals that the number of young football hooligans that are banned from football grounds has increased by a figure that is almost treble the amount of fans than back in 2009.

The new figure show that there are 290 teenagers who are now banned from football grounds throughout the UK and that figure seems to dwarf the number that were banned back in 2007, with that years figures being 38 and last seasons 103.

With more young fans believing that they are showing their passion for their club through violent scenes and gestures, surely someone needs to take these kids and show them exactly what they are really doing?

Following the increase of teenagers who are banned from the football grounds, the report also revealed that sales have increased for StoneIsland jackets and Reebok Classics trainers have also followed the trend.

So from that we can gather that when you see a teenager at a football game wearing Reebok Classics trainers and a StoneIsland jacket, you should report them to the nearest police officer… Okay that’s not exactly true but surely the clubs should be monitoring the crowds closer than what they are.

Passion for the game is fine and there is nothing against showing your support for your club but foul language, fighting, throwing objects… Isn’t that a bit much? I mean how does that really show your support.

The report does sow that the violence at the games isn’t like in the 1970s and 1980s during the times of football factories with organised fights in the UK just yet but with numbers increasing at such a drastic level, are we really too far away from that again?

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